Come one, come all and see one of the most important documents of the year! Can we get a drum roll please!!!!!! Introducing the Youth Guide prepared just for YOU.

Your voice makes the difference so let it be heard.

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We are excited to announce that Project LIFE will be launching a brand new website! This new and improved site will be jam-packed with cool videos, helpful resources, youth testimonials, and so much more. The website is scheduled to launch at the end of June. Stay tuned!

Youth Needs for  Success 

We highly value and seek the input of youth, especially when it come to addressing their needs from the foster care system. Using their voices, youth who attended the October 2013 statewide conference shared several things they felt are important for them (and their peers) to succeed. This document lists their top 10 needs and the steps local departments of social services can take to make them happen. Click here to view this document.

What are 10 things youth want child welfare professionals to know? 

Project LIFE and VDSS partnered with the National Resources Center for Permanency and Family Connection (NRCPFC)  to create a document using youth feedback from our October conference. We are happy to announce that this document was introduced to the nation via the NRCPFC.

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Click here to read "Ten Things that Youth Want Child Welfare Professionals to Know: Talking to Youth in Foster Care about Permanency"


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