10 Things You Should Know

A permanent relationship with a responsible adult gives you someone to turn to when times get tough.

 Permanency is a relationship that lasts even if you have a disagreement once in awhile.


A defensive driving course might help you avoid accidents and reduce insurance cost. + GETTING AROUND

Financial Aid up to $5,000 per year may be available through the Education and Training Voucher. + EDUCATION

ApprenticeshipUSA and other programs give you a chance to earn a salary while learning a skill. + EMPLOYMENT

You may qualify for money towards your rent or a place to live through the Chafee Program. + HOUSING

You may be eligible for Medicaid health insurance coverage. + HEALTHCARE & NUTRITION

Banks and others look at your credit report when you buy a car or rent an apartment. + MONEY MANAGEMENT

The Survey is your chance to tell us about yourself so we can find better ways to help you. + THE NYTD SURVEY

Conferences are fun and are a great way to meet people like you who share your challenges. + THE CONFERENCE

You can speak up and change the way youth in foster care are treated in Virginia. + THE YOUTH NETWORK