Our Impact

At Project LIFE, we love seeing older youth transition from foster care into adulthood successfully. We help them do this by empowering the professionals who work with young adults, and by promoting permanent connections so that youth have reliable support from the adults in their lives. On top of that, our Youth Network gives youth the opportunity to provide input into state and local policies.

Success Factors


Helping youth find lifelong connections


Giving youth a say in their future and the means to speak up for others


A  place where youth in foster care connect to one another

“Being around people from Project LIFE helped me recognize that if other youth can do it, I can do it.”

Project LIFE Participant

“Project LIFE is a great way for youth to come together: You may meet a young person who is further along in life than you are. That person can help point you in the right direction when you feel like you’re falling off the cliff.”

M.Ed. Virginia Department of Social Services Independent Living Program Specialist


youth participated in education, career planning, or work and study skills trainings.


youth and alumni spoke out in at least one advocacy event to help bring about change