10 Things To Tell Your Worker

Permanency is a new concept for me.

I need you to explain to me in detail what you mean when you use the word permanency, what the different possible routes to permanency are, and what is involved in each of these possibilities. I may have never even used the term permanency before.

Communication is so important! Lets meet often and can talk about helping me achieve permanency.

Young people process and share information in different ways. Find resources to help me think about my relationships.

I need your support, constructive criticism, exploration, and feedback to help me to make good, informed choices.

Stay open-minded regarding my ideas and suggestions about permanency options that you may not have considered.

Consider my foster parents as an option for permanency when we have a good relationship and fully explore that possibility.

Stay proactive when addressing concerns that I bring up. Address them in a timely manner and follow up on those things.

Be patient with me! I may need time to make up mind about permanency. Let me change my mind.

Adoption is great for a lot of youth, but I may not think it’s the right choice for me. Help me understand more about it.

Choosing a lifelong connection may be scary. With so many things outside my control, help me put my fears in perspective.