Free Services

You are eligible to receive independent living services. These are services and supports that are designed with you, build on your strengths, and meet your unique needs in preparing for adulthood. Services may include:

Free Services

Educational Services

  • Assistance in completing high school or a General Education Degree (GED).
  • Assistance in pursuing higher education, including assistance for tuition, admission fees, supplies, equipment, tutoring, and other related expenses.

Vocational training

  • Job training/readiness, job search and placement services.
  • Other related services to prepare you to become self-supporting.

Daily living skills/assistance

  • Assistance and training on housing, money management, and/or career planning.
  • Services or materials that help you find an independent living arrangement, such as household goods, supplies, services, insurance, utility turn-on and other expenses.
  • Daily living skills may be provided by local social services staff, others involved in your care or through negotiation or contract with a resource person or organization.


  • Individual and group

Other services and assistance

  • Training, meetings, conferences, retreats and workshops focused on building your skills and preparing you for successful independent living.

You will see many more examples of IL services in the IL Service and Transition Plan section of this Guide.

You and your team decide which services you want to use. Your choices become part of your written plan.


Here are some terms you will want to understand

  • “Independent living skills” are skills you develop to achieve self-sufficiency and interdependence. These skills prepare and enable you to be successful in adulthood.
  • “Self-sufficiency” means you become skilled in accomplishing and being responsible for daily life tasks.
  • “Interdependency” means you become skilled in being resourceful and connected with others to meet your needs and to contribute to society.