Piedmont Regional Highlights

Project LIFE in the Piedmont region has had the privilege of collaborating with many impactful organizations and groups. The Piedmont region has had huge success with the Real World simulations over the last Decade. Youth have gathered from all over the region to participate in a day of work sessions, networking, team building, and real-world simulations to prepare them for the real world as much as possible.

In addition to the real world, the Piedmont region has frequently partnered with Motivational Speaker and Philanthropist, Jeff May Jr. Partnerships with Mr. May have produced some of our most well-attended youth sessions. Jeff brings his expertise in motivational speaking and his experience in care in Detroit to foster an atmosphere of transparency, relatability, and change. The youth and adults are always excited when Mr. May is on the agenda!

Another amazing collaboration has been with the UP foundation of Lynchburg.  The UP Foundation is a youth-oriented recovery counseling program and peer leadership and recovery coaching that allows young people struggling with substance issues to get the focused help and support that they need. The UP foundation has hosted summer camps and relationship red flags seminars for Piedmont region youth. The UP foundation continues to be one of our strongest partnerships.

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