At Project LIFE, we love seeing older youth transition from foster care into adulthood successfully. We help them with this by promoting permanent connections with peers, as well as professionals who work with young adults, ensuring a reliable support system.


Helping youth find lifelong connections


Giving youth a say in their future and means to speak up for others


A place where youth in foster care connect to one another


Approximately 8,000 LDSS staff, private providers, and other adult stakeholders received training, resources and tools to assist them in preparing youth for adulthood (this number represents a duplicated count of adults).

Project LIFE trains youth and adults on the importance of youth-adult partnerships (YAPs) and how to effectively maintain a YAP in order to generate change

“Being around people from Project LIFE helped me recognize that if other youth can do it, I can do it.”

– DEVITTA, Project LIFE Participant

“As the youth development coordinator, I provide training on advocacy and public speaking, as well as opportunities for leadership development.”

SOPHIA BOOKER, Youth Development Coordinator


Partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to launch an official Youth MOVE chapter in the central region.

Project LIFE offers advocacy opportunities including youth presence at the General Assembly to support the passing of Fostering Futures, youth involvement on VDSS statewide committees and workgroups, and support with the development of Virginia’s Youth Advisory Council, SPEAKOUT.


Over 3,000 older youth (unduplicated) have been prepared for adulthood through the provision of independent living activities and training opportunities .

In 2018, UMFS touched the lives of 13,772 high-risk children and family members in 173 communities statewide.

“Project LIFE has supported me in reaching my goals by giving me a voice and providing opportunities to express who I am as person. Without Project LIFE, I would not be the strong young man I am.”

– MELVIN, Project LIFE Participant

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