Spring 2022 Conference

The 2022 Spring hybrid conference was a HUGE success. April 29-30, we had 30 youth join us in person, and more joined virtually for three sessions on Saturday morning. The team worked hard to make sure that everything was ready!

Youth participated in IL skills sessions with engaging facilitators learning the how-tos for IL skills. Workshop groups rotated between 4 sessions. Conference attendees thought the stir fry was so hot, it was on fire! They enjoyed damaging drywall and then fixing it. They also changed a tire and popped the hood of the car to learn the basics.

Top Golf was a huge hit even for those who could not hit a golf ball. Our volunteers enjoyed some healthy competition with each other and teaching their skills to the youth.

Some great speakers came to visit and share their knowledge with us.

Everyone had fun, and it was only made possible through everyone’s efforts. Thank you to DSS workers, transporters, facilitators, and ESPECIALLY to our volunteers.

Being Back in Action allowed all in attendance to enjoy the in person connectedness we have been missing through virtual learning these last few years. There were many warm hearts, rib-tickling fun and tearful moments. Though many met Friday evening, it was hard to say goodbye Saturday evening.

If you missed this one, no worries! We host statewide youth conferences twice a year. The next one will be in the fall. Be sure to visit our conference page for more info as it is released.

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