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Here in the Central Region of Virginia there is plenty to be proud of.  From our team of Professionals Serving on CRILAY to the Direct care service workers in group homes and residential programs.  We all band together to provide high quality services for our youth and families served. Project life has been a staple with this effort, from providing technical supports to offering workshops and trainings to staff and youth. Being a newer member of the Project LIFE team I have bared witness to the effects of having a great support team of professional to provide care and services to our youth.  We have developed creative ways to reach our youth by developing fun and interactive games Such as the “PRICE IS RIGHT” game developed by yours truly with the help and creative support of the PL Team. We have hosted small agency-based workshops to give youth the opportunity to learn and speak on their experiences. Youth are provided the opportunity to serve as role models and peer leaders. Though we are doing great work, the marathon continues and we here In the Central region continue to strive for greatness and push our youth to do the same.

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