Summer Bucket List Bingo

Rules of the Bucket List Challenge: 
The game runs July 1-August 27. Achieve a BINGO by completing 4 squares in a row and “knocking things off of your summer bucket list.” BINGOs can be made vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Or, you can also complete each corner instead of 4 in a row. This guide will share what needs to be done to complete each square. Keep reading for more info about the guide. 

Challenges and  Prizes: 
*4 in a row earns a $25 VISA card
*4 corners earns a $25 VISA card
*10 completed squares earns a $50 VISA card.
**Only one prize will be awarded per contestant.

How to complete and submit the game:
Keep track of the proof detailed for each square’s explanation right in the guide. When you have completed the challenge of 4 or 10 squares, submit your board. In one email, send your completed guide and all proof to infoprojectlife@umfs.org by 8/27. Prizes will be mailed after the completed entries have been checked by the team. 

Download the guide (in a Word Document) to see exactly how to complete each square. You’ll use it to track your progress and gather your proof for completed squares right in this one document.

Stuck? Reach out to your consultant and knock off the first square while you’re at it! 🙂 If you don’t know who your consultant is, you can check out this map.

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