Western Regional Highlights

Project LIFE would like to highlight YouthQuest in Abingdon, VA. Willie Duty is the program manager and works tirelessly to support his youth and his staff. At the Abingdon location, there are a number of apartments available to youth transitioning into adulthood. Each apartment houses two youth, each with their own bedrooms. Staff are on hand 24 hours a day to assist with youth needs. At this location, YouthQuest currently has 10 youth in the program and an amazing cast of 12 staff, all working hard to make sure each youth has the support and skills needed to transition into adulthood.

In their program, youth have found long term job employment, colleges to attend, received their driver’s license and several have even purchased their own cars.  YouthQuest Abingdon participates monthly in a local community service program that feeds over 300 families in the Bristol community.  YouthQuest always strives to have a lasting, positive impact on all youth they serve and in the surrounding communities.

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